About Us

Foreign Language Translations & Interpretations

We love breaking down the language barrier and its all we do!

We have been in the foreign language business since the early 90’s. And we have seen the world getting smaller, with technology broadening the distance across which business can be conducted. However, it is no surprise that language can been seen as one of the last remaining obstacles to clear communication. Our accredited team has a passion for helping people be understood, through high-quality translation and interpretation services.

Five Star Languages offers highly experienced professionals with the communication skills and tact to facilitate your business dealings between any and all languages that you are likely to encounter in the international business world. From face-to-face interpreters to document translation, and everything in between. Five Star Languages is your answer to any question you cannot understand…literally.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, use of technology, quality deliverables and the best value in the Metro-Detroit and Michigan region.

Contact us today at (248) 884-3078 or email dina@fivestarlanguages.com to get your free quote.